13 Best EDC Backpack for Men (Reviews Updated for 2018!!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking for a bag that can go with you anywhere. I know I am. I’ve always got my eyes open for the right bag. I love hiking, I love the solitude, even if I’m hiking with a friend. That said, I tend to go straight from work to hiking with no break in-between. That means that I need the best EDC Backpack that can shift from work to hiking easily.

I can easily believe that you have the same type of schedule as I do. You could be going camping right after you’re done work and you want to be as ready as you can be. The car is packed and ready to go as soon as you walk out those doors.  If that’s you, then you need one of these EDC bags. They are durable, strong, waterproof, and just all around great. You can pack all your gear ahead of time and have it waiting in the car for you.

What about if you don’t hike and you’re just walking around town? These are good for you too. You can stash your laptop computer in one of these beauties, along with anything else you need for your day.

If you like to travel, but travel light, then I would recommend checking out the packs we’ve reviewed, as these backpacks are perfectly suited for weekend travel. You can’t go wrong with one of these bags.

I know that whenever I leave my house, I like to be prepared for whatever happens to come my way, whether it’s bad weather, a spur of the moment hiking trip, or just a visit with friends who live out of town. I can even see myself backpacking across Europe with one of these beauties. They are super functional and you really can’t go wrong to buy one for yourself. Check out the reviews of some Everyday Carry Bags below to see what I mean.

Everyday Carry Backpack Comparison

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6 Best Tent Air Conditioner Reviews (Stayin’ Cool in 2018)

More than often, you will choose to go out camping during super hot summer days. The weather is always unpredictable, and temperatures may shoot up to high extremes making it unbearable to enjoy your time inside a tent. With a  portable tent air conditioner, you can manage internal temperatures to maintain a comfortable camping experience. 

There are selections upon selections of tent ventilation systems available. The question would be, which A/C is worth your money and would get the job done right?  We decided to help take the heat out of it and compiled a list of 6 best tent air conditioner reviews. 

Camping Air Conditioner Comparison

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Best Rifle Scope Under 200 (For Hunters On A Budget)

While some hunters and sportsmen might prefer the challenge of using open sights when spending a weekend varmint hunting, unless you are professional marksmen, chances are that you will either come home empty handed or lose horribly after a shooting competition and the shooting range. Optical scopes placed on the top of your long gun will certainly increase your ability to focus in on your target.

While some rifle can cost you over thousand dollars, there are other options for hunters who want to improve their marksmanship, but who do not want their gear to end up costing more than the gun itself. Scopes or optical sighting devices have become so popular today, that you can find them not only rifles and long guns but also on some handguns, etc. Below, we look briefly at why you should consider choosing an optical scope for your rifle.

Best Rifle Scope Under 200 Comparison

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The 9 Best Hiking Underwear for Men and Women

It is an interesting thought to contemplate our ancestors never walked. In the absence of roads, pavements and polished cities they hiked to reach the nearest water supply, or join forces holding spears around a mouthwatering deer. Hiking, though, goes far beyond our ancestral needs and reaches into the very core of our undying need to connect with nature. Now, the idea of breathing in the magnanimity of a clear sky at the trail of Montana’s Rocky Mountains can easily turn toxic if you are unprepared. And, when it comes to planning a long journey hiking underwear, for some reason, are delegated into an afterthought.

Most adventurers tend to empty their wallets on footwear, slick carbon filtering water bottles, multi-purpose tools which can fix a latte, and shy away from spending money on hiking underwear. However, something that comes into direct contact with your skin should earn thoughtful consideration. Why is that?

Hiking Underwear Comparisons

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Top 7 Best Tent Cot Reviews (Sleep Comfortable in 2018!)

When camping, nothing beats the experience of falling asleep to the sounds of nature around you. The gear you take with you determines your ability to sleep soundly. A sleeping bag has quickly become outdated as the preferred outdoor sleeping solution. Not even a regular camping cot can get the job done, which brings in the highly reliable tent cot.

It functions as a dual tent and cot wrapped up as one item. The best tent cot come with the option to sleep elevated from the ground. There are selections of them on the market, but our list of tent cot reviews focusses on the ones that give you the best bang for your buck with the highest ratings.

Best Cot For Tent Camping Comparison

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6 Best Camping Toilet Reviews (Portable & Easy!)

There is one thing that always irritates when camping – making the inevitable trips to the toilet. It always seems like all campsites set up the bathrooms at the extreme ends of their grounds. When nature calls, you have no choice but to stumble your way around the dark trying to navigate through tents or RVs to make it to the facilities. Worse yet is camping in the great outdoors where there are no facilities available.

The obvious solution is to go for portable toilets which are designed for use virtually anywhere. We searched and came up with a list of the best camping toilet reviews.

Best Portable Toilets For Camping Comparison 

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5 Best Tent Heaters Reviewed (Stay Warm & Cozy!)

Camping, hiking, backpacking, and hunting are all recreational activities which have one thing in common; tents. One of the thrills of taking those outdoor trips is getting ready to settle in for the night (even when its cold). Which is why we decided to write a review of the best tent heaters on the market today.

Best Tent Heaters Comparison

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YETI Tundra 50 vs 65 vs 45 (Which Is Better?!?)

Did you know that not all coolers are made the same? If you are going out for a long trip, keeping your food and drinks ice cold for as long as possible saves you from spending unneeded money on something that is otherwise free, yet frozen.

Some name brand coolers don’t hold a candle… I mean ice cube, for as long as YETI coolers do. In order to avoid issues with melted ice, I always go the extra mile and spend a little more money on the best of the best.

This cooler needs to not only keep ice frozen even during the hottest summer months but also to withstand the tough elements when I am out hunting. As well as not take up that much space.

So read on for our complete review of three YETI coolers that are on the market.

YETI Tundra Cooler Comparison

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7 Best ABC / Altimeter Watch Reviews (Top Picks of 2018!)

Altimeter & ABC watches can be a great way to reduce the number of items you bring with you when camping, hiking, etc. Hikers should not carry any more than 20% of their total body weight when backpacking or hiking. This is because the extra weight weighs you down, and prevents you from continuing on for longer.

Because of this, many hikers might want to find a way to lower the amount of stuff they carry with them. This includes a compass, a map, shelter, tools, etc. Any way that you can reduce the amount of stuff that you drag along with you, the better.

This is why an ABC watch (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass watch) is a great replacement for potentially tons of stuff. This will allow you to better prepare for your upcoming grizzly bear fight.

Best Altimeter Watch Comparison

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